• 30ton Dump Truck

    30ton Dump Truck

    Product name:SINOTRUK-HOWO 30ton Dump Truck
    Overall dimension(mm):8214x2496x3386mm
    Function: transport varies bulk cargo,animals/livestock.etc
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  • 10 Wheel Dump Truck

    10 Wheel Dump Truck

    10 wheel dump truck is a special-purpose vehicle that uses the engine power of the vehicle to drive the hydraulic lifting mechanism to unload materials.Read More

  • 30 Ton Dump Truck

    30 Ton Dump Truck

    The 30 Ton Dump Truck is equipped with a dedicated engine for dump trucks.The emission is fully in compliance with national Euro II regulations.Read More

  • Tipper Truck

    Tipper Truck

    Sinotruk howo 6x4 howo 18cbm dump sand tipper truck is powered by CNHTC Brand WD615.69 engine. The cap uses narrow body structure with one sleeper and air-condition.Read More

  • 25 Ton Dump Tipper Truck

    25 Ton Dump Tipper Truck

    25 Ton dump truck is a vehicle that unloads cargo by hydraulic or mechanical lift. It is mainly composed of a hydraulic dumping mechanism, a carriage, a frame and accessories. The dump truck is matched with China National Heavy Duty Truck HW19710 gearbox with a gear position...Read More

  • Mining Dump Truck

    Mining Dump Truck

    Mining Dump Truck is a dump truck used to transport coal mines and sandstones in field, such as large open pit mines and water conservancy projects.Read More

  • 6x4 Truck Tractor

    6x4 Truck Tractor

    Large horse power 420hp 6x4 Truck Tractor is equipped with a 420hp large horse power engine.Read More

  • 6×4 Truck Head

    6×4 Truck Head

    6×4 Truck Head not only emphasizes the design, but also provides a strong hardware foundation. It is equipped with 420HP engine.Read More

  • Prime Mover

    Prime Mover

    The HOWO A7 Prime Mover heavy-duty tractor truck adopts D12.42 diesel engine, which provide 420HP horsepower. It has large displacement and high power, which can make the vehicle get power from low idle speed.Read More

  • A7 Tractor

    A7 Tractor

    A7 Tractor is for towing and jacking heavy trailers. A7 Tractor is equipped with high-power diesel engine, and equipped with a large ratio of mechanical or hydraulic transmission and final drive.Read More

  • HOWO Truck Head

    HOWO Truck Head

    HOWO Truck Head mainly includes body shell, door, window, front sill, interior and exterior trim and body accessories, seat and ventilation, heating, air conditioning, air conditioning, etc..Read More

  • 6x4 Dump Truck

    6x4 Dump Truck

    This 6x4 dump truck is powered by domestically advanced Howo WD615.47 4-stroke 6-cylinder direct injection diesel engine with 371 hp output power.Read More

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