2 Axles Bulk Cargo Transport Sidewall Semi Trailer With Container Locks

2 Axles Bulk Cargo Transport Sidewall Semi Trailer With Container Locks

Trailer Model: 3 Axles sidewall trailer
Dimension(L*W*H)mm: 12500*2500*2700
Axles Brand: 13Ton FUWA brand
Brake system: Dual Line braking system
Tool Box: 1 Standard

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Product Details

2 axles side wall trailer  , 3mm diamond plate, wide range of uses, mainly for medium and long-distance transport of bulk cargo, suitability, has become the first choice for long-distance freight vehicles. In addition, the fence removable, can replace flatbed, transport containers and other goods.

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Trailer Model

2 Axle Sidewall Semi Trailer

Overall Dimension
(Lx W x H)(mm)


Tare Weight(KG)


Loading Weight( KG)


Axle Brand

13Ton Axle  FUWA Brand

Axle Number


Suspension system

Common Mechanical Suspension

Steel Spring

10/10 leaf spring suspension

The material of Main beam

The height of the beam is 500mm,
upper plate is14mm,
down plate is 16mm,
middle plate is 8mm.

Platform plate

3mm Diamond plate

Container Twist Locker

12pcs container lock

Tire Type and quantity

11R22.5 Or 12R22.5  8units

Traction Pin

2”(50MM) or 3.5”(90MM) traction pin

Spare Wheel Bracket

2 pieces

Tool Box

1 Standard

Landing Gear

28ton Manual operating

Brake system

Dual Line braking system. With ABS

Brake air chamber

Six big chamber

Electrical system

Voltage: 24v  
Receptacle: 7 ways (7 wire harness)

Side Guard

Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector, side lamp etc.

One set 6-core standard Cable.

600mm or 800mm detachable sidewall




NUDE, Polish with wax before shipping

01 Main beam:Stringer section I-shaped, with high rigidity, high strength.Using special one-off girder gantry welding machine welding,material is high strength 16Mn steel Q345B.

According to the tonnage to choose the width of upper ,middle, and bottom plate.


02 Axle: FUWA, BPW and other factory brands, depend on Clients.


03 Suspension and spring.


04 Air chamber:


05 Landing gear:

Single action or linkage.Brands are Fuwa/Jost or other factory brands.


06 Kingpin:

For different cargo tonnage, traction pin 50 # and 90 #, ≤50T use 50 #, >50T use 90 #.


07 Tire and Rim:

Tubeless tire: wear-resistant, self-weight to reduce fuel consumption, slow leakage, good heat dissipation, long service life. But not pressure and not suitable for overload, poor stability when bad roads.

Radial tire: good wear resistance and puncture performance,Good cushion performance, low driving temperature, Stable and safe performance, Strong loading capacity.But high cost.

Bridgestone, Michelin, Triangle, Double coin,Chaoyang and other factory brands.



Bulk way:                       Container way:

11(001).jpg 13(001).jpg


Frame:                          RO RO:


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