Low Loader Trailer

Low Loader Trailer

Specifications Heavy duty wheel low bed trailer carrying oversized and heavy-duty cargo. The basic form of heavy trailer for single flat trailer. It generally has the following structure. Axle and axle axles are mostly two-axis collinear, that is, in an axis on both left and right axles, also...

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The low-profile semi-trailer structure and the low-profile semi-trailer usually use a concave beam (or well type) frame, and the front section of the frame is a gooseneck (the front of the gooseneck is connected to the traction saddle on the tractor, the gooseneck The rear end is connected to the semi-trailer frame), the middle section is the cargo platform (the lowest part of the frame), and the rear end is the wheel frame (including the wheel).

When loading mechanical equipment on a low-profile semi-trailer, it is usually loaded from the rear end of the semi-trailer, ie by moving the mechanical equipment from the rear wheel frame or removing the wheel, and then fixing the mechanical equipment to the semi-trailer on. The low-profile semi-trailer walking structure uses high-strength international steel material, and the whole vehicle has light weight and guarantees its resistance to twisting, shock and bounce, and meets different road carrying capacity.



 lowboy low bed trailer parameter:


Tare Weight


Loading Capacity

30T-90T low bed semi trailer

Axle Weight Load



Axle number

2- 4

Axle Brand



Common mechanical

King Pin

2" or 3.5" traction pin

Dimensions (LxWxH)

13000-18000×2500-3200× 800mm

Support legs


Wheel Rim

8.5-20,9.0-20,8.25-22.5,9.0-22.5 steel wheel rim optional upon choice



Steel Spring

8/10/13 pieces per axle

LadderMechanical ladder Or Air Ladder 

Landing GearManual operating, Heavy duty landing gear (Brand Optional  upon chioce)

Floor3-5 Diamond plate 

Accessories1 Set standard tool box 

Light  Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector, side lamp etc.

Painting1coat of anticorrosive prime, twice coats of final paint 


Tire spe.

  12R22.5  Vacunnm tire /11.00R20

Number of Tire

8 or 12 or 16 pieces

Spare Tire Carriers

2 pieces

Frame: (specs. and materials)

Main beam

The height of the beam is500-550mm;

Upper plate:16-22mm;Down plate is 18-25mm;Middle plate is 10-16mm.

Side beam

20-25 channel or H steel


Brake brand

Optional upon choice

Brake Chamber

 Six big chamber( Brand Optional upon chioce )

Brake system

  Dual Line Brake system (ABS Optional upon chioce)


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Low-profile semitrailers are commonly used to transport heavy-duty vehicles (eg, tractors, buses, special-purpose vehicles, etc.), rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machines, agricultural machines (eg, excavators, bulldozers, loaders, pavers, cranes, etc.) As with other heavy cargoes, the lower the center of gravity, the better the stability and safety, and the greater the ability to transport ultra-high cargo and obstacles through the head.

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1) Q: Can i have your quotation?

A: First, please offer us the information of your TRAILER TYPE,

with these parameter, we are able to recommend you the suitable truck trailer


2) Q: Do you have overseas service?

 A: No,but we normally help our customers to solve the problems through phone,

Email, skype, internet video. high efficiency. We offer one year guaranteen, within

one year, if component of the  machine broken, we freely offer the component, but

the delivery fee should be paide by client


3) Q: How about the payment term

 A:  T/T 30% deposit, 70% T/T of balance paid before shipment.

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