Hydraulic Cylinder Dump Semi Trailer

Hydraulic Cylinder Dump Semi Trailer

dump semi-trailer is suitable for the transportation of bulk, bulk cargo such as coal, ore and building materials.

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Hydraulic Cylinder Dump Semi Trailer

dump trailer 6


1.The Trailer parts  are made of well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers,

 and are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the quality system 

documentation, inspection, use, to ensure the good performance of the vehicle.

2.The dump truck adopts the Maleli type (T type) or single-cylinder floating link type 

(F type) or the front straight top hydraulic lifting mechanism to purchase high-quality

 brand-name hydraulic parts at home and abroad, and the sub-frame and the longitudinal 

beam of the carriage are adopted. quality manganese and manganese plate bending

 plate welding is made, the envelope has two kinds of rectangular shape and a dustpan.

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