commercial flatbed trailer

commercial flatbed trailer

commercial flatbed trailer

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commercial flatbed trailer


The commercial flatbed trailer is a container structure semi-trailer. Mainly used in ships, ports, routes, roads, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, multimodal transport supporting logistics systems. 

1, dedicated to the transport of various containers. Long-term repeated use, with sufficient strength. 

2. Container transhipment cargoes can be loaded directly at the consignor's warehouse and transported to the consignee's warehouse for unloading. When the vehicle or boat is changed midway, there is no need to remove the cargo from the container. 

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Semi trailer parameters 

Trailer Model

commercial flatbed trailer

Overall Dimension
(Lx W x H)(mm)


Tare Weight(KG)


Loading Weight( KG)


Axle Brand

13TON Axle  FUWA Brand

Suspension system

Common Mechanical Suspension

Steel Spring

10/10/10 leaf spring suspension

The material of Main beam

The height of the beam is 500mm, upper plate is14mm, down plate is 16mm, middle plate is 8mm.

Platform plate

3mm Diamond plate

Container Twist Locker

12pcs container lock

Tire Type and quantity

12R22.5  12units

Traction Pin

50MM or 90MM

 Shipping Way 




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