Bulk Trailer

Bulk Trailer

Bulk cement tank  Trailer is the use of self-powered engine through the power take-off to drive the vehicle air compressor, the compressed air through Pipeline into the sealed gas tank at the lower part of the fluidized bed so that the cement suspended in fluid state, when the tank pressure reached Set value, open the discharge butterfly valve, fluidized cement flow through the pipeline for transportation.​The bulk cement tank trailer has two types of V type and U type.

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Bulk cement tank Trailer uses self-powered engine through the power take-off to drive the vehicle air compressor. The generated compressed air enters the air chamber through the control pipeline, so that the powder material in the tank is fluidized. When the pressure reaches the set value, the discharge butterfly valve is opened to realize unloading.

It is mainly composed of the cylinder body, the upper end of the tank body, the fluid feeding bed, the discharge pipe assembly, the air inlet pipe and other accessories.

The tank body is welded with steel plate. The upper part of the tank has one or more ash openings along the length of the tank to facilitate filling the full tank. The ash port can double as the entrance and exit of the maintenance personnel. A cement fluidization device is arranged at the bottom of the tank. It is equipped with an air compressor for ash removal. When the ash is discharged, the compressed air is sent into the tank from the bottom of the tank, and is divided into a fine stream by the gas permeable layer of the cement fluidization device, and uniformly filled into the cement to form an air-cement mixture. The mixture has a pressure difference inside and outside the vessel. Under the action, the cement is discharged along the discharge pipe.

The bulk cement tank trailer has two types of V type and U type.

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Axle number


Axle Brand



Diesel engine:weichai brand model:4102.

Discharge valve & pipe

4” disc valve&4” seamless steel tube

Air-charging system

2” main hole. 2” check valve.1.5” safe valve.0.4Mpa.gauge

Quadratic blow

1” diameter check valve

Discharge cover

2-4 sets of 100mm discharge valves

Manhole cover

500mm manhole cover 2 sets with 2 breather valve


1 Set standard tool box


Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector, side lamp etc.


1coat of anti corrosive primer, twice coats of final paint


BOHAI brand 14M3


Frame: (specs. and materials)


Main beam

The height of the beam is 500mm;
Down plate is 16mm;Middle plate is 8mm.

Tank body

5mm steel plate, head and back head made of 6mm steel plate
the shape can be column or TV square shape


Brake Chamber

Six big chamber( Brand Optional )

Brake system

Dual Line Brake system (ABS )

Shipping Way



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