Car Transport Trailer

  • Car Carrier Semi Trailer

    Car Carrier Semi Trailer

    Product Name: Car Carrier Semi Trailer
    Leaf Spring:Leaf spring or air bag
    Accessories: One standard tool box
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  • 2 Axle Car Carrier Semi Trailer

    2 Axle Car Carrier Semi Trailer

    1.Function:transport car 2.Loading weight:60T 3.Axle brand:Guangdong Fuwa(China best) or factory standard brand 4.Axle capacity:13T 5.Tire brand:12R22.5,315/80R22.5,11.00R20, 6.Material:main beam is Q345B,others are Q235Read More

  • Car Transport Semi Trailer

    Car Transport Semi Trailer

    Car transport semi trailers are used for medium and long distance transportation of cars.Semi trailer designed with a fence structure for car transport semi trailer.
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  • Car Carrier Trailer

    Car Carrier Trailer

    Car carrier trailers mainly carry cars, and can also carry vans, commercial vehicles, Jeep and so on.All loading and unloading platform lifting control is reliable and can be cleary odserved and operated accurately.
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  • Car Carry Trailer

    Car Carry Trailer

    Car carry trailer, loading parts using fence structure design, the main carrying sedans, but also to bring vans, commercial vehicles, jeeps and other passenger cars. The body of the rod, frame structure, and the structure of light weight, light weight, mostly two layers of...Read More

  • Car Transport Semi Truck Trailer

    Car Transport Semi Truck Trailer

    Car transport semi truck is used for transporting car. According to the structure of a total of three models, namely 2 axle 8tires,2axle 4tires,1axle 4tires; According to the appearance is divided into skeleton, semi-enclosed, closed.Read More

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