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Working Principle Of Bulk Cement Trailer
- Sep 07, 2018 -

The bulk cement trailer 

Made with China's domestic advanced technology, the design is novel, durable and durable. The air bag type has a large carrying capacity, and the discharging speed is fast and the residual amount is small. The integrated synthetic tank has the characteristics of high overall strength, good rigidity, good pressure bearing and good performance. The fluidized bed in the tank has a scientific design and reasonable layout. It can effectively shorten the discharge time to 1.4T/min, improve the volume utilization of the tank, reduce the residual ash rate, and the residual ash rate is 0.2%.

The Power-driven air compressor is used to feed the compressed air into the air chamber at the lower part of the sealed tank tthrough the pipeline ,so that the powder and granules on the liquidized bed of the gas chamber are suspened into afluid state, and when the pressure in the tank reaches the rated value, the unloading is started . The valve, the fluidized material is transported through the pipleline for transport. 

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