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What Are The Characteristics Of A Flatbed Trailer?
- Nov 16, 2018 -

Tablet trailers are very commonly used in life. Tablet trailers, also known as flatbed vehicles, full-mounted flatbed vehicles, full-mounted trailers, flat-panel trailers, etc., are important tools for modern logistics transportation. Using flatbed trailer is the most effective and simple means to improve economic efficiency. It has the advantage of strong load bearing ability and high efficiency. A flat trailer train that can be pulled by a tractor and a full trailer or more. What are the characteristics of a flatbed trailer? Let's take a look.
1, the use of high elastic solid tires can enhance the carrying capacity of the trailer, improve the service life, the use of air tires can reduce the damage caused to the cargo due to road bumps during driving; The use of pressure tire, because of the low tire height, strengthened the stability of the vehicle and the trailer's bearing capacity. It is especially suitable for the handling of bulk molds.
2, adopt double suspension structure, suspension frame, automatic swing adjustment of axle, ensure in convex and concave ground, ensure the level of the car body and tire force balance. Improve safety during transportation.
3, the pin material of the connection site adopts alloy steel, which is treated by special technology to improve the service life.
4, adopt the double track machine rotary mechanism form, the performance is more stable.
5, the traction faucet can be adjusted and fixed, different tonnage traction head or forklift traction only simple adjustment can be.

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