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Truck Maintenance Knowledge
- Jan 22, 2018 -

1, the first insurance is very important

New car maintenance To do most of the owners in the first guarantee period, will be in accordance with the provisions of the manufacturer, to the special service station to do maintenance, because most of the car manufacturers on the new car are implemented the first guarantee of free oil for the preferential treatment. such as Shanghai GM in the quality guarantee period will provide 4 free oil and oil filtration free replacement service. But there are also a small number of car owners, neither to the staff consultation, and never read the "maintenance manual", so there are also missed the first insurance examples. Because it is a new car, the owner missed the first insurance, it is only the oil black, dirty Some, will not cause any serious consequences. But experts advise owners to do the first insurance, because the new car is in the state, mechanical parts of the running-in, the demand for lubricants will be relatively high, the meaning of the first guarantee is here.

2, the second insurance is also important

460,000-kilometer change of brake pads in relative terms, it is very important to protect the two. The project involves the inspection and maintenance of eight large parts of the engine, automatic gearbox, air-conditioning system, steering system, braking system, suspension system, body part, tires and so on, as well as testing and commissioning. Visible car after such a wide range of detection and maintenance, the whole condition will obviously enter the best state, driving safety can be the best protection.

3. Key items of maintenance

(1) Brake Pads

Brake pads in general, when the vehicle to travel to 460,000 kilometers to be replaced, for bad driving habits of car owners, the replacement trip will be shortened accordingly. If the owner saw the red light, do not receive oil instead refueling, and then take the brake method waiting for the green light to release, it belongs to such habits. In addition, if the main car does not do maintenance, it will not be possible to find in time the brake skin thinning or completely wear. If the wear of the brake skin is not replaced in a timely manner, the vehicle braking force will gradually decline, the threat to the owner of safety, and the brake disc will be worn out, the owner of the maintenance costs corresponding large increase. For example, Buick, such as the replacement of brake pads, costs only 563 yuan, but if the brake disc is also damaged, the overall cost will reach 1081 yuan.

(2) Tyre transposition

Pay attention to tire wear mark two of the tire maintenance items, one of which is the tyre transposition. In case of emergency use of spare tire, the owner should replace it with standard tires as soon as possible. Because of this particularity of spare tire, the Buick car does not use other models of the tire and tires for the cycle of transposition, but four tires diagonally transposition. The aim is to make the tires wear more evenly and prolong their service life. In addition, the tyre maintenance project also includes adjusting the air pressure. For tire pressure, car owners can not despise, such as excessive tire pressure, easy to wear the middle of the tread. It is worth reminding that the measurement of tire pressure, if not by virtue of the barometer, the owner is difficult to visually accurate. The daily use of tyres also needs some details. If the attention of the tread and wear marks between the distance, generally speaking distance within the 2-3mm should be replaced by new tires. Another example, the tyre is pierced, if it is the fetal side, the owner must not listen to the Fast repair shop proposal, to make a replacement, but should immediately change the tire, otherwise the consequences will be very serious. Because the sidewall is very thin, repair will not be able to withstand the heavy pressure of the car, easy to have a flat tire.

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