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Trailers Are Also Fastidious, What Need To Pay Attention To?
- Jan 22, 2018 -

First look at the approximate working principle of the four-drive in time, for example, a multi-piece clutch central differential: If a wheel is slipping, the electric control system controls the hydraulic mechanism to press the multiple clutch, the active disk, the moving disk contact, the torque from the active disk to the driven disk, thus realizes four-wheel drive.

That is, when the four-drive is under normal condition, it is a two-drive mode, and all-time four-drive is always a four-drive form. Do not need to bail out when the active disk, from the moving disc slightly combined, the front and rear wheel torque distribution is about 95%: 5% or so, can be broadly considered to be the approximate precursor. Once the speed difference is detected, that is, the wheel skidding, many pieces of clutch quickly change the degree of integration, in a very short period of time to achieve four drive.

Here the trailer refers to the lift trailer, which is two wheels fixed and the other two wheels sliding on the ground. Lift-style trailer is bound to make two-wheel rotation, the other two wheels do not rotate, at this time can be understood to have two wheels in the skid, to meet the speed difference, need to get out of the way.

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