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The Use And Characteristics Of The Curtain Side Semi Trailer
- Jan 26, 2019 -

The chassis, the column, the beam and the curtain form the main body of the  curtain side semi trailer , and the curtains on both sides can be quickly opened, and the loading and unloading of the goods is very convenient. Because of its efficient transportation efficiency and multi-functional solid-state equipment, the  curtain side trailer can not be compared with the ordinary transportation trucks in the six transportation fields of multimodal transport, household appliances, beverages, paper rolls, auto parts, plates and packaged goods. The advantages.

As one of the vans, the side curtain trailer has all the characteristics of the ordinary van: The semi trailer  is completely enclosed, it can be protected from rain and dust, and it can protect the cargo all-weather. The volume of the car is completely determined, which can effectively prevent the overload. limit. Since the side curtain trailers are closed by the curtains on both sides, it has some outstanding advantages: since the side curtains are significantly lighter than the hard side panels, the whole semi trailer is lighter than the vans by 1,000kg to 1,500kg; the side curtains are flat and suitable. In printing various patterns, the shape is significantly better than that of the van; the curtain can be quickly opened, and the forklift can be loaded and unloaded at the curtain side semi trailer , so the loading and unloading efficiency is very high.

Side curtain trailers due to both sides and back doors


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