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The Operation Principle Of The Truck
- Jan 22, 2018 -

The truck consists of four parts, the engine, the chassis, the body and the electrical system. The truck is operated mainly by the engine and chassis, wherein the chassis comprises a transmission system, a driving system, a steering system and a braking system.

How the truck works: When we start the car, the engine will generate power, and will power to the gearbox, power through the gearbox in the gear will be high speed small torque power into low speed torque power, and then through the transmission shaft to drive the rear axle, driving the rear axle driven rear wheel rotation, so a car is moving up.

The function and main parts of each part:

A, the engine: the vehicle's power source, the function is causes the fuel combustion to generate the power, then drives the vehicle to drive through the drive system driving wheel.

B, Chassis: Transmission system, driving system, steering system, braking system to introduce.

Transmission system: The power of the engine to the driving wheel, mainly including clutch, gearbox, drive shaft, drive axle.

Driving System: The automobile assembly and components into a whole and supporting the whole car to ensure that the car normal driving. Mainly including frame, front axle, wheel, suspension.

Steering system: To ensure that the car in the course of driving in accordance with the driver's choice of direction, mainly including steering control mechanism, steering gear, steering gear.

Braking system: Make the car slow down, stop and ensure the reliable parking of the car. Mainly includes the brake control mechanism, the brake, the transmission device.

C, the body: The driver to work and the place of loading goods. including cabs and carriages.

D, Electrical equipment: Auxiliary driver driving the car's electrical system, including batteries, starter, lighting equipment, instrumentation and so on.

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