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The Marketing Construction Of Truck
- Jan 22, 2018 -

1.4S Shop Building

Heavy card enterprises in the construction of marketing channels to attract attention, but it is difficult to become the mainstream.

The profitability of heavy trucks is good, 4S shop building is on the rise. And the profitability of midsize trucks and light trucks is low, and 4S store construction is tied. 4S Shop is one of the important ways for truck enterprises to display their own image, and it is also an advantageous guarantee for iphone dealers to win the customers ' orders, and can replace the existing distributors and service providers in a certain area.

But the construction of 4S shop too much, will affect its profitability, but also increased the burden of 4S shop and the whole car enterprise, the fate of the heavy duty truck 4S shop to be concerned. Truck as a means of production, its sales and after-sale system requirements are different from the car industry, brand building is a channel to assume one of the responsibilities, but as the means of production sales and after-sale system, but also pay more attention to sales and after-sales service convenience, timeliness and coverage.

2, in the next few years, each of the heavy truck manufacturers will adopt a different product strategy.

Invest heavily to build a new medium and heavy truck manufacturing base, in addition to the four major truck manufacturing process, but also the manufacture of engines, axle and gearbox and other core components, so as to achieve the liberation of the brand and technology to promote the overall promotion of the liberation of the vitality of Faw is the long-term goal of liberation.

The overall and Nissan Joint venture Dongfeng Co., Ltd., and the company headquarters relocated to Wuhan, will be fully introduced Nissan Truck manufacturing technology, improve product quality and technical standards, effectively enhance the brand. With some of the assets and Volvo companies to form joint ventures, the joint venture's products will all adopt Volvo's technology and adopt the Volvo brand, but China's heavy-duty cars will still produce existing products, using the "Seoul" and "yellow" brands, not excluding the possibility of using Volvo technology in the Seoul model.

Foton and Mercedes-Benz joint ventures, the future of the joint venture will produce three kinds of products-existing Auman brand products (to maintain the existing configuration), the use of Mercedes-Benz components (such as engine) of the Auman brand products, all using Mercedes-Benz technology Mercedes-Benz brand products.

The introduction of German technology, in addition to the continued production of existing truck products, but also to produce the use of the man cab and bridge technology products, the brand still uses the "Seoul" and "DeLong" brand.

3. Domestic

The fate of its own brand in heavy truck enterprises is worrying.

The core technology (engine, gearbox, axle, air suspension, etc.) of the serious loss of domestic heavy truck brands lost a strong product support, the brand in general lack of corporate culture and other aspects of precipitation. When international cooperation is carried out in a joint venture, the fate of its own brand is compounded, and the likelihood of being relegated to the doghouse is very high, a trend that has been confirmed in many industries.

4, the current 25.35 million-yuan models, prices will have an upward trend, thus filling the price range of 35.5 million yuan.

These products will be mainly joint-venture products, will use foreign powertrain and domestic car matching. The prices of other products will remain unchanged.

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