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The Development Course Of Truck
- Jan 22, 2018 -

Germany's Daimler Motor Company made the world's first truck in 1896.

July 14, 1956, the first batch of a total of 12 "Liberation card" truck from the first automobile factory, the Chinese automobile industry marks the birth.

1969, China's second automobile factory (now Dongfeng Motor Company) began construction.

July 1, 1975, "Dongfeng" series of 2.5 tons of off-road vehicles in Shiyan, Hubei Province, the second automobile factory officially put into production. The construction of the second automobile factory is a milestone of China's automobile industry, it is completely Chinese construction completed, in the construction process without any foreign technical personnel to participate in the assistance, which marks the development of China's automotive industry has reached a high level.

At present, China's heavy steam, Shaanxi Steam, Forda heavy cards are in hot, heavy truck heavy truck, Dongfeng trucks are also beginning to be exported to overseas markets.

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