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Semi Trailer Reversing Skill
- Sep 30, 2018 -

Usually, the semi-trailer is reversed in the opposite direction, and it is very important to grasp the timing of reversing backwards. Be sure to first grasp the sense of spacing and direction of the semi trailer . When reversing, be sure to check the mirror (due to Usually, we only see one side and ignore the other side. When we are reversing, we must look at the mirrors on both sides. Or listen to the commander behind. Take the experience of reversing the semi trailer as an example. When you reverse to the right, you are the front of the semi trailer. To play the left side of the direction, remember to see the interval between the right hind foot and the road through the socket. Do not kill the direction at the beginning, and the half-hook is also corrected by the side. After looking at the right rear foot of the carriage, enter this street. When you are in the direction, give the direction faster, and let the semi trailer's body come over as soon as possible. Remember this opportunity to think about the rear corner of the left side. If you can’t get it, it’s best to go up again. After reversing. When you reverse the car, when the rear body is slightly biased to the right, the time is on the return wheel. The body or the front of the car are all right. If it is not correct, you can adjust it slightly.


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