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Pay Attention To Fuel Consumption When Using Flatbed Trailer Car
- Jan 22, 2018 -

Whether it is in the high car or economy car, the principle is the same, are necessary to maintain the time, only the proper maintenance, talent extension of the use of flatbed trailer life, with the worry, to prevent travel to itself and others to bring the hidden dangers. The quiet and normal use of vehicles should pay attention to "three points, seven points of maintenance." Obviously, this is to be used by the consumer to establish a flatbed trailer as unusually nursed by the nervousness of consciousness.

The first and most frequent flatbed trailer check tire pressure. To allow the tyre pressure to link the scale value. Tire pressure is too low will increase the fuel consumption of vehicles, in line with the requirements of the tire pressure can be low fuel consumption of 3. 3%. To periodically replace the flatbed trailer oil, pay attention to washing carbon and worry-clearing device, real-time exchange of spark plugs. To go to the regular gas station refueling, according to the compression ratio of the plate trailer to choose the standard fuel, high or low grade city caused cylinder and nozzle carbon growth, contraction of the use of life.

Just don't increase the power consumption in the car and deploy the equipment to avoid increasing the load on the generator. In the running-in period to stop loading, speeding and low-speed driving. The excellent driving custom of saving oil can not only low fuel consumption, but also extend the life of the vehicle. Therefore, learn to drive accurately black and white is often necessary. First trip to meet the road before the traffic, to stop the car more lines, as much as a flatbed trailer "burden", should not be urgent to step on the accelerator, the brakes and rapid acceleration, high-speed road, even if the economic rate of operation, avoid low speed driving. See the red light early to receive oil, fair use does not stall off skid measures, less on the brakes. Even if the high gear is running, the vehicle of manual transmission should change the high gear position immediately after the speed is steady. Stop idling between perpetual robbery.

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