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How To Maintain Flat Traction Trailer In Winter
- Dec 07, 2018 -

With the temperature getting colder, the flatbed tow truck faces a cold test. The flatbed tow truck, like people, strikes when it's cold, so it's important to cherish the car before the winter, if the car doesn't get through the winter well. It's gon na cause a lot of trouble in our lives.
Note 1: Warm Wind System
It is undoubtedly very important for the winter that the warm air system of the flat traction trailer can work properly. Although the warm air system is simpler than the air conditioning system, it will fail after one summer of suspension. Therefore, before the winter, try a warm air system without hot air, fan operation is no different, the wind pipe is
No, it's clear. Sometimes encountered a long-term non-flow of antifreeze in the warm air pipe, clogging the circulation pipeline situation, although it does not affect driving, maintenance is very troublesome, there are problems must be timely to 4S shop or repair shop repair.
Note 2: Cooling system
In winter, antifreeze must be used, especially in the North. The temperature is below zero for most of the time. If the cooling system of the engine is ordinary water, it is easy to ice, which is not conducive to the start of the car, and it will almost cause serious damage to the engine. Statistics, The failure of the cooling system is the number one cause of engine failure, and it accounts for about 60 % of the total number of engine failures! Therefore, the use of antifreeze in winter can effectively curb the occurrence of freezing events in the cooling system. So don't forget to check the antifreeze in winter. In general, the small part suggests that the antifreeze fluid is changed every two years. However, if you have ever added ordinary water to the antifreeze, the antifreeze replacement cycle should be earlier. When changing, pay attention to the color of the antifreeze. The colors can not be mixed. As for the selection of antifreeze, the lower the freezing point, the stronger the antifreeze can be. At present, the freezing points of antifreeze on the market are -15 °C, -25 °C, -30 °C, -40 °C and other specifications. The selected freezing point should be more than 10 °C lower than the minimum temperature in the area.
Note Three: Sprinkler System
Even if the use of rain sprinkler systems is significantly reduced in winter, it can not be ignored, especially in the North. Like antifreeze, although it can be replaced by clear water and clear water in summer, these alternatives may freeze in winter, so they can not be used in winter. In winter below zero degrees Celsius, the frost-resistant winter glass water should be replaced, or an appropriate proportion of alcohol should be added to the glass water to achieve the purpose of reducing freezing points and resisting freezing.
Note 4: Body Paint
Tablet traction trailer small editor recommends that you love the car before the winter for the entire body of the car to do a "beauty." Because of the cold weather after the winter, the number of washing vehicles will also decrease, so early winter waxing is a good way to maintain car paint. In addition, the waxed body is not easy to dip in water, and it is not easy to show ice in winter.
Attention 5: Full car lights
The working state of the headlights of the whole vehicle should be fully checked, and the blackened light bulbs should be replaced as soon as possible. Fog lights, brake lights, turn signals to check their own working conditions. In the early morning of winter, the visibility of fog days is low, and there are many rear-end accidents. Therefore, whether fog lights and high brake lights work normally is also a guarantee for the safety of winter traffic.
Note 6: Power supply system
This is mainly about flat traction trailer batteries. The battery is very "sensitive" to low temperatures, and the battery capacity at low temperatures is much lower than at room temperature. Although the current batteries are maintenance-free, there is no need to supplement the electrolytes of the batteries and adjust the specific gravity of the electrolytes. However, before the cold season comes, the connection column of the battery should also be cleaned and coated with special grease to protect it, ensuring reliable start-up and extending the battery life. If the vehicle is parked in the open air or in the garage for several weeks, the battery should be removed and stored in a warmer room to prevent damage.
Note 7: Tyres
Rubber tires will become hard and relatively brittle due to the decrease in temperature, and the friction coefficient will be reduced. In winter, the tire pressure must not be too high, but it must not be too low. The external temperature is low, the tire pressure is too low, and the soft tire can accelerate aging seriously. In winter, you must often clean up the internal inclusions of the tread pattern, try to avoid using tires that have been repaired more than once, and replace tires that are worn out and have different patterns of different brands. The inside and outside wear of the Tyre is very different. In order to ensure safety and reduce wear, the tire should be periodically balanced by four wheels and the tire position should be changed.
Note eight: wiper
If you find that the wiper is glued to the windshield by snow in the early morning, do not use hot water to rinse directly. This will easily cause the window to crack and the wiper to deform due to temperature changes. The correct method should be to turn the air conditioner on to the hot air, the hairdryer mode is the front windshield, and the wiper will be naturalized. At the same time, don't forget that the wiper kettle needs to be injected with anti-freeze glass water.
Note 9: Windscreen
Keeping clear windshield glass is the basic condition of safe driving. Winter should be regularly scrubbed wiper, snow to ensure a clean wind shield. If conditions can be changed anti-freeze type windshield, so as not to freeze in winter. In addition, glass water can be added with some windscreen de-icing agent. When the windshield freezes, the glass water is sprayed and the ice can melt. Unlike ordinary glass water, the more difficult it is to spray when it freezes.
The rear window glass de-fogging line has a great role. When driving on rainy days or snowy days, the rear window glass de-fogging line can quickly clear fog or ice water, thus providing the driver with a good rear view. In the maintenance, along the direction of the printing line should wipe the window glass, that is, horizontal wipe, if wipe up and down, easy to wipe off the resistance wire. If you need to see if the fog line is working, you can open the rear window to remove the fog switch to see if you can remove the fog from the back window. If you can not clear it, you should first check whether the fuse of the rear window fog line is intact. If the fuse is normal, After the inspection, the printed circuit on the window glass is broken. If there is a broken line, it should be sent to the repair shop for repair, or the water vapor and dirt on the broken part should be cleaned with a clean wipe cloth, and the tin paper of the packaged cigarettes should be cut to the appropriate size. Then put the tin paper on the transparent tape paper, and make the face of the tin paper face out, and finally stick the tin paper on the break line.
Note 10: chassis
Due to the large number of snow and steam, sometimes in order to melt the ice and snow as soon as possible, the snow sweeper often sprinkles a lot of salt on the road to speed up the melting of ice and snow. In this way, the road surface is equivalent to a layer of acidic liquid road. The car is driving on the ice and snow road. The speeding tires will obviously throw high-salinity snow water on the chassis of the car. Without chassis protection, the chassis can easily cause corrosion and rust. So, you 'd better spend some time before winter, for the chassis to do a good anti-rust care.
To better protect your car. It can also extend the service life of a car.
Note 11: Intake system
In the cold winter season, cars may often fail to start. In addition to the fact that the cooling system and battery power are not enough, most of the reasons are due to excessive carbon accumulation such as throttle and inlet. The excessive carbon accumulation of the throttle itself can easily cause the phenomenon that can not be ignited. In summer, the carbon accumulation of the throttle may not affect the start of the engine. However, in the winter, because of the lower ambient temperature of the car, the volatilisation of gasoline is affected, and the ignition ability of gasoline under the same condition is relatively weak. The engine may fail to ignite or require multiple ignition. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner clean the engine throttle in the winter. Under normal conditions, the small editor recommends cleaning the throttle body at a distance of about 20,000 kilometers and checking the spark plug at the same time, which can prevent the engine from catching fire.

Note 12: Lubrication system
It is well known that oil has three major functions: lubrication, cooling, and cleaning. The normal flow of oil is an important medium for ensuring the normal operation of the engine. However, the realization of these functions is mainly related to the viscosity and fluidity of engine oil. The viscosity of the oil will change with the change of temperature. In summer, due to high temperature and good oil fluidity, the engine uses a viscous oil to ensure that the proper consistency effectively achieves the lubrication effect. However, the cold weather in the winter, especially in the North, was below zero for most of the time, causing the engine oil to become too thick, which affected the start-up and also increased the wear and tear of the parts. At the same time, over-thinning of hot car oil will reduce lubrication and sealing performance. Therefore, when the winter comes, the oil in the oil bottom shell and air compressor should be replaced with winter oil in a timely manner; Replace the gear oil in the transmission, distributor, differential, and steering gear oil with winter gear oil; After cleaning the hub bearings, add a lower viscosity of the bearing lubricant. If it is time to change oil or near the specified time, it is best to change it before the weather gets cold.
Only by taking good care of your flatbed trailer during the winter can it create more benefits.

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