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Experience In Maintenance And Use Of Semi-trailer
- Nov 08, 2018 -

Safe driving is the most important part of the trailer's driver. In order to prevent problems in the future, the trailer should be checked regularly before each week or every transport. The better the inspection matters are, the smaller editors are only guided by the following eight major aspects, hoping that the card friends have more supplementary and understanding of the inspection before driving. Safety comes first! Check that everything is all right before you can go on the road.
1, look at the tire
Look at the fetal pressure visually to see no lack of gas, debris attached phenomenon, and then see whether the steel ring has deformation, cracks and other phenomena.
2, check the tightness of the tire screw
The details of the wind cannon screw do not bother everyone. We should check whether each screw is tight or not. It is a small matter to run off a screw on the way. Running a tire is also a matter of money, but if you run out of an accident, you can regret it. To apply a sentence is "tire is no small matter", we hope to remember.
3, hang the system to look at
Look at the looseness of all nuts and bolts and U-bolts, which is related to whether or not you eat a tire.
4, shake a leg to ensure normal
Check the legs must shake up and fall test a few times, and then look at the welding place there is no crack, especially now run throw hanging friends, must pay attention to this problem.
5, feel the wear and tear of the moving parts
Check the box board, lock bar reach out to touch the box board, Box hooks, insert piles, container locks and other small parts to see if there are cracks broken phenomenon.
6, check all lamps and anti-cursor paste
Check the electrical road to see if there is anything abnormal on the line, get on the light to see if there are no bad lights, reflective signs are not missing, I believe there must be card friends on the road due to reflective Mark defects were fined.
7, look at the tractor and semi-trailer brake connection
After the cab dashboard starts the car to see if the barometer is enough, give a foot brake try to brake to see.
Listen to the brake for air leakage
Get out of the car and listen for leaks. Test whether the brakes are working.

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