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Attention To The Use Of Heavy Flatbed Trailers
- Nov 28, 2018 -

With the economic development, some users already know a lot about heavy flat trailers, but some users do not have much contact with heavy flatbed  trailers, so they do not know much. Today's small editor for everyone to explain the use of heavy plate trailer attention.
Whether it is a medium and high heavy flatbed trailer or an economical heavy flatbed trailer, the principle is the same, and it must be maintained regularly. Only if it is properly maintained, it can extend the useful life of a heavy flatbed trailer so that it can be used easily. It can also prevent travel from causing problems for oneself and others.
1, often heavy plate trailer inspection tire pressure. Too low fetal pressure will increase vehicle fuel consumption, and fetal pressure that meets the requirements for delineation can reduce fuel consumption. Three percent. To periodically exchange heavy plate trailer oil, pay attention to washing charcoal and cleaning device, real-time exchange spark plug. To go to a regular gas station to refuel, according to the compression ratio of the heavy plate trailer selected to meet the standard number of fuel, the high or low mark number of the city caused the cylinder and the nozzle carbon accumulation growth, shrink useful life.
2, do not increase the heavy panel trailer power consumption equipment deployment, so as not to increase the generator load. The wear period should stop the weight, speeding and low speed. Normal driving can not only reduce fuel consumption, but also extend the life of the vehicle.

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