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2018 Truck Dealer Marketing Strategy
- Jan 22, 2018 -

Agent multi-brand should be careful not to apply to each dealer

Now with the new version of "Car Sales management measures" to cancel the brand licensing filing system, a variety of agents more common brand. and commercial vehicle dealers choose to agent a variety of brands, the starting point of no more than two reasons, one is the market squeeze response, the second is the demand for market expansion. But whatever the reason, make sure you choose carefully.

Careful choice of brand, to know that the current commercial vehicle is the buyer's market, the user has a strong personalized choice, the strength of the brand is huge, different brands in different regions, different user groups have a different reputation and sense of belonging.

Reference competitor to the variable market

To the local market, which is a year of business planning is very important, what type of car to book, how much to guarantee the minimum number of their own market share? Less car reservations, due to the time problem, the user may be lost, booking vehicles too many or models do not meet the needs of users, resulting in inventory pressure is very uncomfortable.

In this way, the pre-judgment is more important, so how to make the pre-judgment closer to the result, and the basis of the pre-judgment. Plainly is to the market, to the user segmentation, to find their respective needs change. Then the same type of competitor's product configuration, price and service on the line comparison, reference to mature competitor data. Maybe this will be more in their hearts.

Dealers need to run their own brands

At present, the main profit point of commercial vehicle dealers is the sale of vehicles. Big customers "first" and "first" problem, the problem of the adhesion of retail investors, are dealers headache problem. To solve these two problems, we need the brand influence of the host factory and the Distributor's own brand management.

Dealers own brand management, mainly in the operation of users. In the past, the strategy was to capture core users and use the core influence to drive sales of their products. But is the core user's value maximized? Can you turn old users into core users? It is important to serve and honor.

Mode change increase revenue channel

Commercial Vehicle Sales market is different from passenger cars, is the need to supply as a basis, which determines the commercial vehicle sales market and logistics market is not divided into two parts, now individual regions have begun to appear the trend of convergence, distributors do logistics, logistics companies sell cars. Certainly, the dealer's business model has begun to change, but also to change, eggs can not be placed in a basket. At the same time to increase revenue channels, such as the post market. After the truck market includes insurance, finance, vehicle maintenance, car goods matching, such as truck sales after landing the owner of all the services required.

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